Who are your models?
Why did you start this site?
Isn't it cruel to swallow fish?
Is swallowing fish healthy?
Is it safe for the fish?
Are they really swallowed live?
What's it like to be swallowed?
Why do you charge?
How do I join?
What if I have trouble?
How will I be billed?
Who is TNMG?
How do I cancel?
Can I model for GFS?


Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Who are the people swallowing fish on your site?
A: The people and models on GoldfishSwallowing.com are a mix of regular, every day people and professional, paid models.
Q: Why swallow goldfish?
A: People swallow goldfish for many reasons. Some like the feeling of a live creature going down their throats, and others like the feelling of dominance they get from sending a fish down the hatch. Many people do it on bets or dares, and still others do it for money. Whatever the reason, goldfish swallowing has been popular for decades!
Q: Why did you start this site?
A: Millions of people around the world enjoy Goldfish Swallowing, enough so that the swallowing of live creatures actually has its own scientific name (vorephilia). The resources dedicated to this passion are few and far between, and the ones that exist are somewhat sketchy. Goldfish Swallowing, the website, is a common, safe place for people to come together, talk about the activity, and watch videos of others gulping down live fish.
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Q: Isn't it cruel to swallow goldfish?
A: We hear from many individuals who claim that goldfish swallowing is cruel to the swallowed fish. In many cases, we attempt to retrieve the swallowed fish completely unharmed. Unfortunately, some of our fish are left to adapt to their new homes inside the person who swallowed them. While we always honor our fallen fish friends, some perspective is in order: fish are common food animals for people, wildlife, birds, and even other fish. Our fish have the distinct advantage of being raised in a happy, healthy environment which is far better than fish in the wild or even most petstore fish could ever hope to have. For this reason, we assert that goldfish swallowing is not at all cruel.
Q: Do fish know they're being swallowed?
A: The cognitive abilities of goldfish have been debated for quite some time, but the generally accepted data indicate that fish have a memory span of about three seconds. For that reason, a swallowed goldfish would be completely unable to remember ever having not been swallowed before it even reaches the swallower's stomach.
Q: Is being swallowed safe for the fish?
A: When possible, we do everything we can to retrieve the fish completely unharmed. In some instances, we are unable to recover the fish and it must adapt to its new home inside the person who swallowed it.
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Q: Is swallowing goldfish healthy?
A: All of our fish are raised in a clean, healthy, happy environment. Absent of any diseases the fish may harbor (and ours harbor none), there are no health concerns associated with goldfish swallowing. On the contrary, live goldfish are an excellent source of protein and the energy required to digest a whole fish expends more calories than used to break down cooked, chewed items.
Q: Are the fish actually swallowed live?
A: All of our fish are live when they are swallowed, though not all of the items swallowed on this site are fish. In addition to live fish, we have also featured light bulbs, jewelry, toys, a variety of other small items, and even a tongue. One model even swallowed a complete wristwatch!
Q: What is it like to be swallowed?
A: It is hard to know exactly what being swallowed feels like, but technology allows us to make some educated statements about the experience. The actual swallowing act, being forced down the throat of a swallower, is probably like being wrapped very tightly in a thick blanket and pushed firmly along the floor. Once in the stomach, the atmosphere changes somewhat to a warm, humid environment with a somewhat acidic twinge. Swallowed goldfish probably feel a gentle tingling due to the acidity, though how intense this tingling is can be affected by a number of factors. Finally, it is very, very dark in both the throat and the stomach.
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Q: Why do you charge for access to GoldfishSwallowing.com?
A: To maintain the best possible selection of videos on our site, we regularly pay our models to swallow goldfish in front of our cameras. The membership fee charged by this site helps cover this payment as well as the overhead of server equipment, Joomla programmers, site administration, Internet bandwidth, and a host of other expenses. We would love to provide this resource for free, but practical matters make us unable to do so.
Q: How do I create an account?
A: To join GoldfishSwallowing.com and create an account, click the "Join" or "Sign Up" button at the top of any page on this site. A payment routine will take any major credit card through a secure gateway, then return you to our membership pages.
Q: What if I have trouble with my membership?
A: For any problems, questions, concerns, or general membership issues, please open a trouble ticket in our online ticketing facility. A GoldfishSwallowing.com and TNMG membership expert will contact you as quickly as possible. You may also call our offices directly at 321-331-7944 (US), but note that long distance toll charges may apply.
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Q: How will my membership be billed?
A: Membership to Goldfish Swallowing.com is billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually by TNMG, our credit card processor. All credit or debit card charges will appear on your bank statement as "TNMG."
Q: Who is TNMG? Why are they on my bank statement?
A: TNMG, short for The New Management Group, is the parent company that makes GoldfishSwallowing.com possible. TNMG processes all credit and debit card payments through the Goldfish Swallowing website, so membership charges appear as "TNMG." 
Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel your subscription at any time through your membership profile page. Alternatively, cancellation requests may be entered as trouble tickets through our online ticketing facility. When you open a ticket, be sure to include your TNMG order number and GoldfishSwallowing.com user name along with your request, as this information is required for all cancellations.
Q: Can I model for GoldfishSwallowing.com?
A: We are always looking for new paid swallowing models. If you are interested, please send us an email at  ariana@tnmg.ws with a headshot, a short biography, and details about why you would like to model for our site. Our administrators will review your information and contact you to discuss any opportunities.
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